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Music is fun and should be fun but it should also teach discipline, character, creativity, and artistic mannerisms.

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Kasia has her own Method of teaching called the Magical Keys Method. Using a variety of techniques and concepts some of which Kasia uses from existing methods tied with concepts that Kasia has developed on her own. Music is fun and should be fun but it should also teach discipline, character, creativity, and artistic mannerisms. Kasia says, “I want my students to understand how important art and music is in our culture today. Art is dying. It is up to them to learn and respect it. To keep it alive. It is after all what makes us human.”

As a violin teacher, Karen teaches from the Suzuki Method founded by Shinichi Suzuki. No matter the background or age of the student, every person has the ability to learn and blossom in their own music talents. It is crucial that every student that is taught is having fun and and enjoying what they are learning! None of the students that are being taught are expected to grasp the same amount of material all at the same time. This is not the way that music works! Every single student is so unique and creative and my goal as a teacher is to make sure that they know that I see them as the amazing individual that they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Piano, harp, voice, and violin lessons.

You can choose 30mins (recommended for ages 3-6) 45 mins or 60 mins.

Lessons are offered once a week unless preferred every two weeks OR twice a week. 

For piano, Alfred Beginner books are combined with a Magical Keys Method using note reading and music theory worksheets made by Magical Keys. A lot of tips and tricks in the Magical Keys Method are also based on Orff, Kodaly, and Dalcroze Methods. 
Voice: Kasia Szczech is aware that every voice is different and knows many different techniques on how to deal with certain types of voices. Kasia uses Italian Voice training Method along with many tips and tricks of her own. 
For Violin, Our expert violinist Karen Szczech uses Suzuki method with a variation of Orff, Kodaly, and Dalcroze methods to help further understanding of the violin and theory in lessons. 
Harp, The Grossi Harp Technique Method is used and taught to our harp students. 

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