Our annual

Christmas Show

Support the idea of a future full of creativity and brightness.

— Magical Keys

The History

— How it all began

The purpose of this show is to really think about what the true meaning of Christmas is, it is to help others, love one another no matter the race or culture. Peace, Love and Harmony. In this show we also have many different people from many different backgrounds, cultures and traditions who come join us every year to put this show on.

ABout the Show

Our parents have worked extremely hard to fund our careers and school since the very
beginning; starting with dance lessons at the age of 3, all the way to private lessons on
piano/harp/vocal and violin to college. We today would like to give back and use everything
we’ve learned through our education and help others. Our way to do this is through music and
bringing everyone together for our big production “A Magical Keys Christmas Show”.

What Is it

The musical aspect of the show involves
different styles of Christmas Carols; Gospel, Jazz, Polish Highlander, Classical, Blues, and Traditional.

Throughout the whole show there are multiple forms of the performing arts
presented: Dance, Theatre, and Music.

Why We do it

We want to share our talents with the world. We want
to show that through music, theatre, and dance we can do good and raise money for amazing
organizations such as this one. We want to show the world that buying a ticket means you are
helping 100%. It’s an amazing gift that one can do for another during the Christmas Season
magical keys

Extend a Helping Hand

It takes about 6-7 months to rehearse this big of a production and put it all together. There are a total of 50+ people in the entire production who are on stage performing for this amazing cause. The sponsorships and donation that we collect are for, advertising, costumes, music, sound equipment, video, musicians and coaches.

A Magical keys Christmas Countdown Extravaganza 2020 -
A virtual show!

A special thank you to our sponsors