Our annual

Christmas Show

Support the idea of a future full of imagination and purpose.

— Magical Keys

We unite with music and one goal

The purpose of this show is to really think about what the true meaning of Christmas is; to help others by donating to "Dom Samotnej Matki",
love one another no matter the race or culture. Peace, Love and Harmony. In this show we have many different people from many different backgrounds, cultures and traditions who come together to make art.

ABout the Show

Our parents, Bernadeta and Stanislaw, have worked extremely hard to fund our careers and school since the very
beginning; starting with dance lessons at the age of 3, all the way to private lessons on
piano/harp/vocal and violin to college. We today would like to give back and use everything
we’ve learned through our education and help others. Our way to do this is through music and
bringing everyone together for our big production “A Magical Keys Christmas Show”.

What Is it

The musical aspect of the show involves different styles of Christmas music; Gospel, Jazz, Polish Highlander, Classical, Blues, and Traditional and Original. There is a theatrical comedic storyline that narrates the Christmas story throughout the show. 

There are multiple forms of the performing arts presented: Dance, Theatre, and Music.

Why We do it

We want to share our talents with the world. We want
to show that through music and the arts we can do good and raise money for amazing
organizations such as this one. 

We do it for the CHildren

We give children a chance to grow musically, learn respect, responsibility, discipline, and learn to give. Children apply purpose to their actions in every aspect of this show. 

We do it for the musicians 

We give musicians from all around the Chicagoland Area a chance to perform, practice, an opportunity,  meaning and purpose in what they do. To give beauty through the nature of Art. 

WE DO IT FOR THE community

We want to show the world that buying a ticket means you are helping 100%. It’s an amazing gift that one can do for another during the Christmas Season. You can help by being in the show or simply just attending. You also get a chance to meet the amazing Sisters from Christ the King Missionary who run  “Dom Samotnej Matki”. They are very supportive and attend all of our events. 

Extend a Helping Hand

This year in 2022-2023 we are raising money in collaboration with "Dom Samotnej Matki" "House of the Lonely Mother" here in Chicago to help raise funds for children who were orphaned in Ukraine.


Pare słów od Dom Samotnej Matki na temat: Dzieci na Ukrainie.

Na rzecz dwóch domów dziecka z Ukrainy:

  1. Jeden prowadzony przez Zgromadzenie Małych Sióstr Niepokalanego Serca Maryji w Worzelu koło Kijowa. Siostry z dziećmi na czas okupacji Worzela przez wojska rosyjskie wyjechały do Polski, a w czerwcu wrócił z powrotem. Dom ocalał, jednak wybuchowa fala uszkodziła okna, rozkradziono wyposażenie domu, kuchni, komputery, żywność. Obecnie potrzebują wymienić (naprawić) okna oraz zakupić trzy komputery dla dzieci dla nauki online, piecyk kuchenny, odkurzacze.
  2. Drugi znajduje się w Żytomierzu. Prowadzą go Siostry ze Zgromadzenia Sióstr od Aniołów. Dzieci na drugi dzień wojny wyjechały do Polski, lecz w drugiej połowie maja powróciły na Ukrainę. Podczas nieobecności dzieci dom został zniszczony. Potrzeba odnowić pokoje dzieci i pokój zabaw i sportu.

A couple words from House of the Lonely Mother regarding the children in Ukraine. 

For two Orphanages from Ukraine:

  1. One run by the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Vorzel near Kiev. The sisters and children left for Poland during the occupation of Worzele by the Russian army and returned in June. The house survived but the exploding wave damaged the windows, the equipment of the house, kitchen, computers and food were stolen. Currently, they need to replace (repair) windows and purchase thee computers for children to learn online, a stove, and vacuum cleaners.
  2. The second is in Zhytomyr. It is run by the Sister of the Sister of the Angels. On the second day of the war, the children left for Poland but in the second half of May they returned to Ukraine. While the children were away, the house was destroyed. The children’s rooms and the play and sports room need to be renovated.

A special thank you to our sponsors